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It’s not unusual that President Clinton gets first-run movies sent to the White House. But recently he got to see the starring actors there as well when Hanging Up’s Diane Keaton and Meg Ryan, who brought hubby Dennis Quaid and their son Jack, 7, joined Clinton at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for a viewing of the new comedy. During the screening, Clinton munched on unbuttered popcorn, and afterward he personally gave the group a two-hour tour of the White House, including the Oval Office. There was so much bonding going on that Ryan, Quaid, their son and his nanny ended up spending the night at the White House after returning to their hotel to gather some belongings. The next day, Quaid took a later flight than the rest of his family so he could play golf with Clinton. Where was Lisa Kudrow, the other female star of Hanging Up? Stuck in California, taping Friends.

If Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher can use David Crosby to father their children, why can’t Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres ask Michael Bolton? “I don’t know if this is news or not, but he is going to be the father of our child,” said DeGeneres playfully, while a smiling Heche stood by her side at the L.A. premiere of HBO’s If These Walls Could Talk 2. DeGeneres even grabbed her mother and told her about their baby “plans” with Bolton. Later a serious DeGeneres did tell me that the reason Heche wrote the segment in which DeGeneres and Sharon Stone play a lesbian couple who want a baby is, in fact, “because we’re thinking about it.”

With smoking banned in most Los Angeles establishments, it’s common to see celebs huddled outside during events, taking a few puffs. But Marc Anthony got them to run inside at a recent St. Jude benefit, which raised more than $1 million, at the Beverly Hilton hotel. When Anthony began singing, Kristen Johnston, Carrie Fisher and Penny Marshall stubbed out their cigarettes and made a mad dash back into the ballroom—just as Anthony kicked off his shoes to really rock.

Despite rumors, L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant is not dating model Tyra Banks—or anyone else. Bryant, who four years ago took Brandy to his high school prom, is single but seriously looking for a wife. “I’m definitely looking forward to tying the knot,” he told me. “I’m searching for a nice, little young lady that’s going to keep my attention, that is funny, attractive, intelligent and down-to-earth.” Bryant, 21, insists he’s not too young: “I grew up in that type of environment. My parents got married when they were 19.”

Fast Takes: Patrons at Miyagi’s in West Hollywood got a real treat recently when Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown sang karaoke. Brown belted out a couple of songs while Houston sang such a powerful rendition of “I Will Always Love You” that people called friends on their cell phones so they could listen in….

The black English Lab in The Next Best Thing is Rupert Everett’s 10-year-old dog Mo….

There’s bad news and good news for Gil Bellows, who announced he is leaving Ally McBeal: His character will die of a brain tumor—but come back next year as a ghost.

Nancy Perry Graham is on vacation