Nancy Perry Graham
July 26, 1999 12:00 PM

Jewel, one of music-dom’s hottest songbirds, has compiled an exclusive seven-cut CD for Target, the discount department-store chain, which will be available July 28. The CD is a promotional offering aimed at back-to-schoolers. Jewel, who has also done a TV spot to flog the CD, won’t get a dime: Instead, Target is donating $75,000 to Higher Ground for Humanity, a foundation started by Jewel and her mother to promote global community.

Kirk Douglas’s first wife, Diana Douglas Darrid, was concerned that her ex-husband might be offended by her tell-all memoir In the Wings. So she sent him a copy of the final galleys. Douglas was offended—not by the book, but by the fact that Darrid hadn’t asked him to write a few words for its jacket. Now the back of the book boasts a paragraph by Douglas that says, “I read In the Wings with great fascination. I learned things about myself that I never knew and things about Michael [Douglas] that he never told me. It’s an intriguing, well-written book. She will be hearing from my lawyers soon.”

Pat York, wife of actor Michael York, who plays the head of British Intelligence in both Austin Powers movies, is a photographer with peculiar interests: celebrities, professionals such as plumbers and manicurists who are willing to pose in the nude while they work—and cadavers. York wanted to be a doctor, which got her interested in anatomy. After seeing a photo of a deceased pope, she realized she wanted to explore the art of photographing the dead. “Unmasked” is the title of her cadaver series. Her “Uncovered” series—professionals in the buff—began when, bored with traditional photography, she amused herself by imagining the subjects naked. York’s work will be on view this fall at Manhattan’s Zalman Gallery.

On Inside the Criminal Mind 2, airing July 28 on Court TV, “Son of Sam” serial killer David Berkowitz, who is serving consecutive life sentences totaling more than 300 years at New York’s maximum-security Sullivan Correctional Facility, discusses his childhood and the mental state that led him to kill. Says Berkowitz: “When I was young I was enthralled with horror movies and satanic movies…like Rosemary’s Baby I would watch them over and over again…. I was drawn to the darkness…. I stayed a lot of hours in a dark closet.” Now a born-again Christian, Berkowitz says that helping other inmates find God is “my way of getting back at the devil.”

Fast takes:

Nearly every Friday night while shooting The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle in L.A., Robert De Niro, who plays the flick’s Fearless Leader, and the cast and crew ordered $500 worth of pizzas from nearby Rock-N-Roll Pizza. The most popular was the restaurant’s specialty, the Rock-N-Roll pizza: mozzarella, pesto, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes with chicken or shrimp….

The announcers of this year’s Prime Time Emmy Award nominees on July 22 will be Camryn Manheim and David Hyde Pierce, marking the first time that the nominations will be announced by the previous year’s winners.

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