Nancy Perry Graham
November 22, 1999 12:00 PM

Former Veep Dan Quayle canceled a scheduled Nov. 4 appearance on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maker because of a recent interview Maher gave to a cybermag that was far from complimentary. “Quayle’s reputation as a moron is 100 percent deserved,” Maher said. “He is a moron. He has proved it over and over and over. The more opportunities he’s afforded, the more he’ll continue to prove it.” “Bill blew it,” says a former writer on the show. “This has always been the Bill Maher problem. He doesn’t have that thing that edits himself.” Responds Doug Wilson, the show’s executive producer: “The name of the show is Politically Incorrect. If Bill censored his opinion on Dan Quayle or any other politician, that would be a problem.”

Singer Wayne Newton signed a multimillion-dollar deal to perform seven shows a week, 40 weeks a year, for up to 10 years in a new showroom bearing his name at the Stardust hotel in Las Vegas. And the attorney who negotiated the deal is getting an unusual payoff: a baby. The lawyer, Kathleen Newton, 35, is also his wife of five years. Now that Newton—who raised daughter Erin, 23, from a former marriage—has a home base, he is ready to start family No. 2. “Kathleen keeps telling me that her biological clock is running out,” says Wayne, 57. “She has been wonderful with Erin. I know she’ll be a wonderful mother. If this is something she wants, then I want it too.”

Recent reports suggest that there’s an ill wind blowing through the TV-styled White House: Rob Lowe is unhappy that Martin Sheen, who plays the President in NBC’s hot new political drama The West Wing, is getting too much air time. “Absolutely untrue,” says Lowe, who grew up in Malibu palling around with Sheen’s sons Charlie and Emilio, adding that Sheen “is like a father to me.”

Renée Zellweger (Jerry Maguire) has denied rumors that she and Jim Carrey, her costar in the upcoming comedy Me, Myself and Irene, are more than casual pals. But at the premiere of The Bachelor, the vivacious actress, who costars in the romantic comedy with Chris O’Donnell, revealed that, in fact, she had received a marriage proposal recently. “It was from a member of the Dublin hockey team. To tell you the truth, I don’t even remember if I said yes or not.” Adds Zellweger: “There was too much beer involved.”

Seen and heard at the joint Penny Marshall-Carrie Fisher birthday bash, held at Fisher’s Coldwater Canyon home a few weeks ago: Courtney Love dragging Drew Barrymore by the hand everywhere she went….

James Woods telling a flattered Joan Cusack that he wanted to work with her.

Fast Takes:

Matthew McConaughey, who turned 30 on Nov. 4, celebrated last weekend at a private party with friends in Hollywood….

The mother of Mick Jagger’s youngest son, Brazilian model Luciana Morad, says she so loves being a mom to 6-month-old Lucas Jagger that she has done every goofy parent thing in the book. “I carry a photo in every handbag,” she says, “and I even made a T-shirt with his face printed on it.”

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