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The Hughleys star D.L. Hughley, on whose life the ABC show is loosely based, told me that filming the Nov. 12 episode about meeting his biological father—who deserted the family when D.L. was a baby—was tougher than he’d expected. “I thought it wouldn’t bother me, but I was wrong about that,” he says. On the TV show Darryl Hughley is 35 when he learns that the man who raised him is not his biological father; in real life Hughley got the news from a relative at age 12. “When I went on TV I’d try to be extra good so this cat would be sorry he never knew me,” Hughley says. “And when I met him [this past summer] I found out he’d never even seen me.” Still, he told his biological dad that Charles Hughley, the man who raised him, will always be his only father. “That job’s been taken,” Hughley says. “Everybody wants to be my father now. Charles Hughley wanted to be my father when it wasn’t fun.”

Jamie Lee Curtis has just optioned the film and TV rights to bestselling children’s author Leah Komaiko’s nonfiction memoir Am I Old Yet? Komaiko, 46, writes that she “was not aging graciously” until she volunteered with an eldercare organization and met Adele, a 93-year-old blind woman living alone and forgotten in a nursing home in L.A. Curtis, 40, wants to play Komaiko in the story about the special friendship that developed between the two women.

Mary Tyler Moore, who is in New York City with Valerie Harper filming their TV reunion movie Mary and Rhoda, took that old advice to “break a leg” a little too seriously. While shooting a scene in which she chases a dog down the street, Moore fell while jumping over some rolled-up carpet and broke a bone in her wrist. “I ended up on my knees and hands, spread-eagle,” she says, “And they got it on film!” We’ll all get to see this new side of Mary when the movie airs on ABC early next year. “They hired a stuntwoman to do this, but they’re using [my take],” Moore says. “I’d like some recognition from the stuntmen association for this.”

Aussie husband and wife team Rachel Ward and Bryan Brown will reunite in their first U.S. project since 1983’s The Thorn Birds in the remake of 1959’s On the Beach, which starred Ava Gardner (Ward), Fred Astaire (Brown) and Gregory Peck (Armand Assante). In Showtime’s four-hour mini-series, airing next year, a Chinese blockade of Taiwan escalates into nuclear war, destroying all civilization except for parts of Australia. Coincidentally, the current lord mayor of Melbourne, Peter Costigan, was a journalist in that city in 1959 and covered the making of the original film.

Fast Takes:

I have learned that Jennifer Love Hewitt is now dating Rich Cronin, a member of the pop group LFO. Hewitt appears in the band’s video for their song “Girl on TV.”…

Performing at the Universal Amphitheatre in L.A., Sting told the audience he was on the 38th floor of the Four Seasons in Las Vegas when a recent 7.1 earthquake struck in the Mojave Desert at 2:46 a.m. His impulse was to leave the hotel but he was stopped by the thought: “What does one wear?”