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Bestselling author Danielle Steel’s love life may be stranger than fiction. According to new chapters added to the rerelease this month of her unauthorized biography The Lives of Danielle Steel, by PEOPLE reporters Vickie Bane and Lorenzo Benet, Steel’s husband of one year, millionaire entrepreneur Tom Perkins, like her second and third husbands, has had legal problems. In 1995, during a sailboat regatta in Saint-Tropez, France, Perkins’s boat was involved in a collision that resulted in the death of another participant, French doctor Jacques Bourry. Perkins and his captain, Tom Eaton, were convicted of involuntary manslaughter. They received suspended two-month jail sentences and fines of 50,000 French francs—which amounted to about $10,000 at the time.

The Mummy’s Oded Fehr may be a newcomer to the screen, but he certainly makes a memorable impression as star Brendan Fraser’s nemesis turned ally in the hit horror flick. In fact, the darkly handsome Fehr graduated from drama school in London a mere two months before being cast in the film. Apparently, Fehr was so strong onscreen playing bedouin leader Ardeth Bay, protector of the mummy’s tomb, that director Stephen Sommers and one of the producers beefed up his role. Another good omen: I hear that Miramax cochairman Harvey Weinstein liked Fehr so much that he sent him a personal note that read, “I thought you were great.” Fehr has just been cast in the Miramax film Texas Rangers, a western in which he’ll play an outlaw.

Lynn Redgrave has lost a battle in her ongoing separation from philandering hubby John Clark, her former manager. She had to withdraw her court petition in L.A. to get legal control over the family mailbox, which is under Clark’s name, because the Post Office refuses to redirect their mail to different addresses. Clark says he would be happy to forward Redgrave’s mail but doesn’t know where she lives. “She has not provided me with a forwarding address. So I’m holding her mail,” he says simply. “It’s part of her plan to shut me out of her life, I think.”

In the U.S. last week, Sarah Ferguson helped raise $300,000 for war relief in Kosovo. Called to help by an information minister of the United Nations, Fergie roped in rich pals and asked talk show host Rosie 0’Donnell to make an appeal on her TV show. Now the Sunbeam Corporation has joined the effort by sending 500 tents, each of which will shelter a family of 10, to Tirane, Albania.

Fast take:

Christina Applegate’s boyfriend, actor

Johnathon Schaech (That Thing You Do!), recently broke his hand, but he says there was a bright side. “The best thing? Christina had to bathe me,” he recalls. “It was absolutely wonderful.”