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So how’s Keanu Reeves celebrating the success of The Matrix, his biggest movie since 1994’s Speed? Well, mostly he’s holed up in an L.A. recording studio with his band Dogstar, putting together 12 songs for their debut U.S. album. The disc will probably be released this fall on Ultimatum Music, a new label co-owned by the William Morris Agency and businessman John Perenchio. The group will perform live at a Las Vegas rock festival later this month, then head out on a short tour of the U.S. before Reeves starts shooting his next movie this summer.

Nick Nolte didn’t find the skies of United so friendly when he showed up well past check-in time for a flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Upon arriving at the gate, the actor was told he had lost his first-class seat, which caused him to throw a tantrum. Later United Airlines gave him back his spot, even though it had already been reassigned. A spokesman for United denies giving Nolte star treatment, explaining that “there is a degree of flexibility we have with all our rules.”

As news of her divorce from Andre Agassi became widespread, Brooke Shields followed the time-honored tradition of women who are having a bad day: She went out and had a makeover. Although she had gotten highlights at her regular salon, Lukaro, just after the split with her husband was announced, Shields dropped in at her friend Frederic Fekkai’s swanky Beverly Hills hair salon for a trim soon after. Fekkai suggested she try something new. “She was completely up for it,” says colorist Nancy Braun. The new do is six inches shorter, with a blonde “halo” framing her face and with chestnut tresses in back. Eventually, Braun predicts, Shields will probably go blonder, a sure sign she’s looking to have more fun.

Entrapment coproducer Michael Hertzberg tells me that he initially thought the roles of the international thieves played by Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones would go to actors closer in age, such as Alec Baldwin and Sharon Stone. But once Connery, 68, was cast, he says, the dynamic changed and the screenplay was rewritten to make the best use of Connery’s considerable talents. As for Zeta-Jones, 29, Hertzberg is now wooing her to play the lead musical role in his upcoming film Gangsters in Love. Says Hertzberg: “She’s perfect for it.”

This past weekend in Studio City, Calif., thrift shoppers at a garage sale saw a familiar face amid the secondhand goods: Monica Lewinsky, in a baseball cap and sundress, collected cash and helped sell items for Neysa DeMann Erbland, a high school chum, who testified before a federal grand jury prior to President Clinton’s impeachment proceedings.