Nancy Perry Graham
April 26, 1999 12:00 PM

Wedding bells will soon be ringing—again—for actress Catherine Oxenberg, 37. The Dynasty diva, who wed Hollywood producer Robert Evans last July only to decide 12 days later to have their marriage annulled, now plans to tie the knot with actor Casper Van Dien, 30 (Starsbip Troopers), on Sept. 11. The two, who started dating last October, will costar in The Code, an upcoming action thriller. Oxenberg, a daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, is the single mother of India, 7; Van Dien has two children with his former wife Carrie Mitchum, granddaughter of Robert Mitchum.

A romance may also be budding between Michael Douglas and Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones (The Mask of Zorro). “They’ve been out a few times,” says Douglas’s spokesman, adding that they don’t date exclusively and that both have busy schedules. Douglas is currently in Pittsburgh shooting Wonder Boys, while Zeta-Jones is in L.A. filming The Haunting.

Joseph Fiennes seemed right at home in Shakespeare in Love, because he was—sort of. Some of the scenes for the Academy Award Best Picture winner were filmed at Broughton Castle in Oxfordshire, England, the 14th-century home of 78-year-old Lord Saye and Sele, third cousin to Joseph and his older brother, actor Ralph Fiennes. The 30-room estate provided the setting for the home of Gwyneth Paltrow‘s character, Viola De Lesseps. The casting of the castle in the film “was purely coincidental,” says Lord Saye and Sele. But it had its advantages for Fiennes. While the other stars were dispatched to digs in London and surrounding areas, “Joseph just stayed here with us,” says his cousin. “But he was busy shooting most of the time. We hardly saw him.”

Fans of Kathy Bates’s performance in Misery will get a kick out of the May 4 episode of NBC’s 3rd Rock from the Sun, in which the Oscar-winning actress guest-stars as an alien-hunter. 3rd Rock’s John Lithgow, a pal of Bates’s since they met in 1990 while filming At Play in the Fields of the Lord, called and persuaded her to take the gig. A source on the show tells me that “people will recognize shades of Misery in one scene,” but look for a drill instead of a sledgehammer.

Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t look much like herself in Goodbye Lover, the new comedic thriller that also stars Don Johnson, Patricia Arquette and Mary-Louise Parker. DeGeneres plays Rita Pompano, an overweight detective. “When we first started shooting, people would go, ‘Gee, Ellen looks much thinner on TV,’ ” says makeup artist Karen. Kawahara, explaining that DeGeneres had to pad her clothing. “Ellen said, ‘Could you please tell people I’m wearing a fat suit?’ It was hard for her to look so bad.” On the other hand, she wasn’t comfortable being glamorous, either. While DeGeneres was shooting a scene on Rodeo Drive in a nifty Moschino outfit, Kawahara says, “People would come up to her and say, ‘Oh, you’re so much prettier in person than you are on TV!’ She said, ‘This isn’t how I look.’ She was so insulted. It was that Beverly Hills look.”

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