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The cast and crew of NYPD Blue—including Dennis Franz, Kim Delaney, Sharon Lawrence and James McDaniel—recently mourned the imminent departure of Jimmy Smits with a party at the Santa Monica restaurant Capo. The goal, read the invitation, was to “honor and embarrass” the star, although there was more of the former than the latter. Gordon Clapp (who plays Det. Greg Medavoy) wrote 10 farewell telegrams to Smits, including one he attributed to producer Steven Bochco. “If you’re going to leave my show,” said the faux missive, taking a not-too-subtle jab at David Caruso’s famously abrupt departure after the start of NYPD’s second season, “the least you could do is be a jerk about it.”

It sounded so sweet when newlyweds John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos set sail to cruise the Greek islands for their 10-day honeymoon. “The first part was like a Jenny Jones Show honeymoon nightmare episode,” reports Rebecca. “First, the boat broke down, and men worked on the boiler all night long. Then, we both got seasick.” After that, the Stamoses flew to Paris, where it rained. But all’s well that ends well: They wound up in a tiki hut on Necker Island, the private Caribbean retreat of British business mogul Richard Branson. “It was absolute paradise,” recollects the bride. “The honeymoon took a complete 180. We were in pure wedded bliss.”

As the lead attorney on ABC’s The Practice, Dylan McDermott seems to be surrounded by former girlfriends in the office and the courthouse. McDermott will soon bring this dilemma home. In an episode airing Oct. 25, he encounters his real-life wife, actress Shiva Rose, who plays a woman suing her employer over racial discrimination. Ever the counselor, McDermott couldn’t resist giving his wife a few tips: “The best advice he ever gave me is not to act,” says Rose. “And I follow that.”

There’s no lack of irony in WB’s new series Felicity, particularly on Oct. 27, when a love-struck Felicity (Keri Russell) attends a Halloween party held by the object of her affection, Ben Covington (Scott Speedman). Felicity is crushed when she sees Ben kissing a female partygoer dressed as the pink Power Ranger. The inside joke? Felicity costar Amy Jo Johnson, who is also at the party, once played that character in the Power Rangers TV series for kids.

Noah Wyle’s sporty mountain man look—that scruffy beard he started growing even before ER premiered this season—will soon be a distant memory. In the show airing Nov. 5, Wyle gets involved in a sticky situation from which he can only be extricated if he shaves his facial hair.