Nancy Perry Graham
July 13, 1998 12:00 PM

Some kids just can’t take their dad anywhere—at least if Dad is Jack Nicholson. At a recent L.A. awards show, the three-time Oscar winner spoke of the kindergarten graduation he had just attended for 6-year-old Ray Nicholson, his son with Rebecca Broussard. Recounted the actor: “I’m sitting like a nice, regular parent”—pause for laughter—”when one of Ray’s classmates makes eye contact with me. She would make these faces indicating her discomfort over the ceremony that was going on.” What’s a responsible parent to do? “We started to pal up over this issue,” said Nicholson, “each one of us misbehaving just a little, to make one another laugh.” No word on whether Ray was amused.

The mostly female audience at the Lilith Fair concert in Pasadena, Calif., broke into wild applause when the seven-months pregnant Shawn Colvin—a double Grammy winner this year—proudly announced, “It’s a girl!” Colvin’s baby-to-be wasn’t the only special guest, however. Still searching for life after sitcoms, Ellen DeGeneres stepped onstage to another nice hand from the crowd. The former Ellen star then performed the song “Closer to Fine” with the Indigo Girls, even singing solo at one point.

Olivia de Havilland may be Gone with the Wind’s most famous living cast member, but 78-year-old Evelyn Keyes, who played Scarlett O’Hara’s jealous younger sister Suellen, is happy de Havilland owns that honor. At the L.A. premiere of the 1939 epic’s color-enhanced and digitally remastered rerelease, Keyes showed little nostalgia for the Civil War saga: “That was 60 years ago. I’ve been busy since then. I’ve made 50 other pictures, lived in three other countries, and I’ve had lots of husbands.” But Keyes (who has married and divorced four times) concedes that “fan mail keeps trickling in to this day, and most of it is for Gone with the Wind. Isn’t that remarkable?”

You might say that Kevin Costner ditched his cover while filming Message in a Bottle, a romance that also stars Paul Newman and Robin Wright Penn now being filmed in Maine. After failing through several takes to get his arm properly through the sleeve of a sport coat, Costner abruptly threw the garment to the floor, shouting, “You’re fired!”

As if she weren’t busy enough, Party of Five star Jennifer Love Hewitt has been tapped for the role of Audrey Hepburn in an upcoming ABC miniseries on the late actress’s life. Hepburn fans will have to wait a while for the bioflick, though: Hewitt is currently shooting the sequel to I Know What You Did Last Summer, then returns to her full-time Party of Five gig in mid-July. Later this summer she starts production on another feature, The Suburbans, with actor Ben Stiller.

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