March 12, 2007 12:00 PM

Long after the last Academy Award had been handed out, celebs were still engaged in competition, albeit of a lower-key sort. At the after-afterparty we threw with film producer Phil Maloof at his Beverly Hills home, stars including Amber Tamblyn, Aisha Tyler and Jason Ritter tried their luck at the blackjack table, where Isaiah Washington and Mekhi Phifer wound up head-to-head in a battle for first place. “How is that possible?!?!” a cigar-chomping Washington joked after seeing his hand of 19 beaten by the house.

There was no such mystery about where Oscar fans turned for their online awards show coverage. The day after the Oscar telecast, our Web site,, set a new record, generating more than 50 million page views—handily besting the 39.6 million page views we tallied for our Golden Globes reporting. As we expand our efforts in the world of new media, we are grateful to you, our readers, for continuing to make the PEOPLE brand your favored source for the latest in entertainment news.

And so who did take that card match? Alas, Washington had to settle for second place. But with a $50,000 donation made to Youth-AIDS in the name of the victorious Phifer, there were certainly plenty of winners to go around.

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