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Ingo Rademacher: Sexiest Soap Star

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In Hollywood, where the shoreline is adorned with more flaxen-haired surfer boys than seashells, Ingo Rademacher might not cause a girl to look twice. “When I met him, I was like, ‘Yeah, he’s cute, another 6’2″, blond-haired, blue-eyed guy,’ ” recalls Vanessa Marcil, who romanced Rademacher on General Hospital until she left the ABC soap in September. “Who cares?” Anybody who spends time with him, she soon learned. As the days go by, says Marcil, “he just becomes the most gorgeous guy.” That’s partly because “he’s tall and strong and could throw me around like a feather,” but what she finds most sexy about Rademacher is “his spirit—it’s really childlike.” Female viewers were quicker to embrace the cleft-chinned stunner. Soap Opera Digest editor Kristin Gallagher, who says nearly 80 percent of her reader e-mail comes from fans randy for Rademacher, calls Ingo “the ultimate fantasy—very charming, boyish, funny.”

Born in Germany, the 27-year-old actor grew up in Australia, where he acquired his chick-magnet accent and love of the ocean. In his adopted home of Pacific Palisades, Calif., the avid water-babe kayaks and competes in triathlons. He feels sexiest, he says, when “I’m at the beach, and I haven’t showered for three days because I’ve been doing nothing but surfing, and I’m tan.” Long workdays leave little time to find his ideal woman—who, he says, “surfs and has a law degree”—but interested parties might consider a bit of food shopping. The supermarket is “the only place where I can socialize,” claims Rademacher. “I pull in and hope to see some really cute-looking girls.”