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India Hicks: Baby's First Year

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The baby will be given [presents] at the christening. That might be an engraved photo album or a silver goblet with the date in Roman numerals. The Prince of Wales gave me a piece of china every year. As a child, I was confused: “Why would I want a gravy saucer?” But I have an entire set of china now! By the time the child is 18 or 19, they will have this wonderful collection. It will certainly not be a LEGO set!

In the Queen’s generation, it was unheard of to take your children on what was essentially a business trip. When you went on a royal tour, representing your country, children would have been considered a distraction. [William and Kate] will be totally different. Now we are much more hands-on. It will be much easier for Kate to say, “It would be unforgivable to leave my children behind.”


Hicks (below with daughter Domino, 5) has a new jewelry line, Love Letters (


For William (in 1983 at 7 months), royal life “is his normality,” says Hicks. “He has known nothing else.”


“We will see a very different upbringing for this child” than royal babies past, Hicks says. “But however modern they are, William’s grandmother sets the scene, and with her comes formality. For him, the boss is there. And I’m sure Kate feels that too.”


“With Kate [in 1982], there is much more informality about her and her background,” says Hicks.