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August 19, 1974 12:00 PM

Vicious cycle

When five young Britons set out to make the first crossing of the English Channel using pedal power, they made all the foreseeable provisions: water, goggles and, of course, life jackets. What they had not counted on was five-foot waves, which seriously slowed their progress. After two-and-a-half hours of furious pedaling in the choppy waters, they were scarcely out of the shadow of the white cliffs of Dover, at which point the slightly-daunted aquacyclists gave up. On a calmer day, they claim, they’ll try again.

Stan sips, then simmers

Pro tennis has become so popular that just about every major player has gotten into the product endorsement business. Witness Stan Smith, who joined the Pepsi generation and signed a contract with PepsiCo subsidiary Wilson Sporting Goods. When he was handed something to drink at the finals of the Chicago International Festival of Tennis, Smith did not bother to notice that he was sipping out of a paper cup bearing the name of that other soft drink, which was sponsoring televised coverage of the tournament on CBS. Once he discovered that, Smith loyally insisted that unless the Coke cups were removed, he would remove himself. Someone managed to find unmarked plastic cups, and Smith stayed on to wallop his opponent.

A wet Samaritan

Most people may still not want to “get involved,” but that was certainly not the case recently when a car rolled off a turnpike outside Ft. Lauderdale and into a canal. No sooner had he spotted the station wagon’s luggage rack poking above the water than this passerby dived in to rescue the occupants. Happily, he found the car empty, and promptly paddled back to shore—well-intentioned, involved and very, very wet.

Encounter in Cyprus

Armed with nothing but the Union Jack and a consummate unflappability, retired Royal Navy Chaplain Evelyn Chavasse and his wife Edith found themselves in a rather nasty spot on war-torn Cyprus. Residents of the town of Kyrenia, the Chavasses had tried to rescue a Greek family of six and ran smack into a jeepload of Turkish troops. “I’m British,” the Reverend declared, upper lip properly stiffened, “and I’m going to take these people to the U.N. forces.” The Turks spoke neither English nor Greek, but they knew the voice of authority when they heard it. Chavasse and his charges were allowed to pass.

Rebellious Ralph

Morris, the TV cat who won’t eat, may be finicky, but when it comes to being downright awful no feline can top Philadelphia’s Rotten Ralph. The aptly named animal, who nonetheless seems to get along fine with admirer Eileen Polsky, was disqualified from the All American Kitti Contest at Miami Beach. His transgressions: refusing to participate in the costume competiton, and biting an Episcopal minister.

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