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In Trouble

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Pick of the litter

Five-year-old Gordon Warman thought the empty litter basket near his home in Lewiston, Me. would make a dandy hiding place, so he shinnied up the pole and lowered himself in. Just as he’d guessed, his 3-foot, 42-pound body fit snugly inside. When he tried to get out, he discovered how snug the fit was. Gordon yelled for help, but even the hands of several firemen couldn’t dislodge him. Finally the rescuers brought out a lethal looking pair of cutters. After a few tearful moments Gordon realized they intended to use them only on the basket.

Getting the point

Last January Sgt. John Hoorman, a New Orleans policeman, crawled out on the Mississippi River Bridge to save a would-be suicide. Hoorman had tied one end of a rope around his waist and the other to the bridge—just in case. As he got within grabbing distance, the young man panicked and jumped, but not before Hoorman got hold of his belt. For two minutes they dangled 200 feet above the river. Finally they were pulled to safety. That was easy. What hurt was when Hoorman was awarded the department’s Medal of Valor. In pinning it on, his wife Ann pinned it to his chest.

Matuszak blocked

Sitting inside this exercise rig, Houston Oiler tackle John Matuszak looked ready for business. Unfortunately, the business he had in mind was jumping from the Oilers over to the new World Football League’s Houston Texans. The irritated Oilers, who have Matuszak under contract, promptly convinced a judge to issue an injunction, one of the few restraining devices effective against the 6’8″, 282-pound player. For the moment, Matuszak will not play for either team.