People Staff
July 01, 2002 12:00 PM

“After Kelly Osbourne discussed her next gynecological exam with her dad on MTV, embarrassment seemed not to be her issue. Yet before performing her debut single, a cover of Madonna‘s “Papa Don’t Preach,” at the June 1 MTV Movie Awards, Ozzy and Sharon’s daughter, 17, felt faint. “I’d never sung for more than 10 people,” Kelly says. “It was nerve-racking. I never wanted to be famous or the center of attention or a singer, for that matter.”

Her protests are falling on deaf ears: “Papa” has already hit the charts, and her parents are proud. As a performer, says Sharon, Kelly is “damn cute.” Mom and sister Aimée, 18, (who is never on The Osbournes) urged Kelly to cut the ’86 hit for the new CD The Osbourne Family Album. “They thought it would be funny,” says Kelly. “Dad’s always telling us what to do and acting like he knows everything.”

Born near London, Kelly spent her infancy on Dad’s tour bus and lived in more than 20 homes after the family (brother Jack, 16, is an Epic Records scout, Aimée an aspiring singer) got to L.A. in the late ’90s. Kelly soon quit 10th grade because “people were always bullying me. One guy said, ‘Fat immigrant. Go back to England.’ ”

Those days are over. Life now is a parade of “fabulous parties,” “cool people,” premieres and extreme retail (“the clothes are my favorite part”). As for that other Material Girl, no word yet. “It would be nice if Madonna liked the song,” Kelly says, “but if she doesn’t, I really don’t care.”

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