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Iman: Businesswoman

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BEING PREGNANT AT 44 IS QUITE DIFFERENT FROM being pregnant at 23, Iman has discovered. When she had daughter Zulekha in 1978 with then-husband Spencer Hayward, “it was so easy,” she recalls. “I didn’t get sick and I wasn’t tired. And I was in the delivery room for an hour! It was so fast, I was in labor but I didn’t know it.” Now, says Iman, who expects her first child with her husband of eight years, David Bowie, in August, “I usually take an afternoon nap, because I really need it. During my first trimester I was absolutely exhausted!” Between the two pregnancies, the Somalian supermodel has appeared in more than a dozen movies (1987’s No Way Out, 1991’s Star Trek VI) and in 1994 started a cosmetics line for women of color. This month she launches a collection of outrageous colors “for girls who want to experiment,” she says. Bowie, 53, who met Iman after her modeling heyday, says, “As for her career, I only know her as a cosmetics executive. There’s an innate sense of dignity and pride that I think is stunningly attractive.” Adds talent manager Bethann Hardison, Iman’s longtime friend: “It’s like she’s grown to be a queen when she used to be a princess.” Right now the 5’9″ Iman just feels that she’s growing. “I’m carrying in my butt more than my stomach,” she says. “When I go out, I keep my coat on. I’ve never had so many paparazzi trying to help me to the coat rack!” Outings, though, are infrequent, “David and I are simple homebodies,” insists Iman, who has been “taking it easy” with yoga and lots of massages at the couple’s homes in New York City and the Bahamas. At their Manhattan apartment she likes to put her feet up while sitting in a 1920s Japanese chair that Bowie bought in Kyoto because it reminded him of her. “it was the tall elegance of it,” he explains. “It’s very upright! Like she is when she glides along.”