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HE’S TAKEN > Brad Pitt, 42, is inseparable from Angelina Jolie and their three children.

HE’S AVAILABLE > CHRIS PINE, 25 See him in: Just My Luck. Buzzed hair and striking eyes aside, both these guys emit an air of quiet mystery that is irresistible. Pine, whose dad, Robert, was a regular on CHiPs, explains, “I definitely have a shy component. I think all actors do. There’s a part of you that wants to be seen and heard, but then you want to retreat.” As for what he’s looking for in a girlfriend, Pine is definitively a mind man. “Intelligence is a big thing,” he says. “If you can’t have a conversation, it’s done.”

HE’S TAKEN > Ryan Phillippe, 31, married Reese Witherspoon in 1999.

HE’S AVAILABLE > SEAN ASHMORE, 26 See him in: X-Men: The Last Stand. Both men boast intense clear eyes set off by a cool exterior—a sexy combo that likely helped the Canadian win his role as Iceman. What superpower does he covet? “Mind reading,” says Ashmore, who is currently dating actress Michelle Trachtenberg. “It would be a great tool.”

HE’S TAKEN > Will Smith, 37, who married Jada Pinkett in 1997, has three kids.

HE’S AVAILABLE > NICK CANNON, 25 See him in: Monster House (July). Sure, the two have a similar style sense, but Cannon, like Smith, is also a triple threat, working in movies, TV (Wild ‘N Out) and music (his album Stages is out this month). Biggest misconception about him? “That I’m cocky,” Cannon has said. “I’m not. It’s just my personality.”

HE’S TAKEN > Orlando Bloom, 29, is “on again” with sweetie Kate Bosworth.

HE’S AVAILABLE > RUPERT FRIEND, 24 See him in: Pride and Prejudice and The Last Legion (January 2007). Since his debut two years ago, Friend, with his angular good looks, has been compared to fellow Brit Bloom. “With regards to being eye candy, it’s kind of people to say,” said Friend, who dates Keira Knightley, but as an actor, “it’s not enough.”

HE’S TAKEN > Zach Braff, 31, and Mandy Moore have been paired up since 2004.

HE’S AVAILABLE > JUSTIN LONG, 28 See him in: The Break-Up and the teen comedy Accepted (August). Bushy brows and a mischievous grin add up to all-out adorable, but these two also have ’em rolling in the aisles. Long stars in those Apple TV ads and was part of Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show tour, being released on DVD this year.

HE’S TAKEN > Matthew Broderick, 44, wed Sarah Jessica Parker in ’97.

HE’S AVAILABLE > T.R. KNIGHT, 33 See him on: Grey’s Anatomy. Knight, who plays Dr. George O’Malley on the ABC hit show, shares Broderick’s brand of boyish charm, complete with the self-effacing humor and shy, hangdog smile. But the two have something else in common: The Minneapolis-bred actor got his start on the stage.

HE’S TAKEN > Tom Cruise, 43, and Katie Holmes welcomed daughter Suri April 18.

HE’S AVAILABLE > BRANDON ROUTH, 26 See him in: Superman Returns. Only Superman himself could match the clean-cut, can-do charisma of Tom Cruise. With his blinding smile and sculpted cheekbones, Routh (rhymes with mouth), who wore Clark Kent-ish glasses even before he was cast, was a natural for the role. Bonus: He’s 6′3″.

HE’S TAKEN > Mark Consuelos, 35, and wife Kelly Ripa have three children together.

HE’S AVAILABLE > KUNO BECKER, 28 See him in: Goal! The Dream Begins. If Latin men with heart-melting smiles are your weakness, Becker should be impossible to resist. A film and TV star in his native Mexico, the actor will reprise his role as soccer player Santiago Munez in the upcoming Hollywood sequel Goal 2!

HE’S TAKEN > Together eight years, Johnny Depp, 43, and Vanessa Paradis have two kids.

HE’S AVAILABLE > KEVIN ZEGERS, 21 See him in: Transamerica and the upcoming It’s a Boy Girl Thing. Like Depp, Zegers is scruffy and chiseled, with captivating eyes. But the Canadian has shown he can also rival Depp’s range. Before his riveting performance as Transamerica’s hustler Toby, he costarred with a golden retriever in four Air Bud movies. Now that’s versatility.