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August 13, 2007 12:00 PM

Tina Brown

author, The Diana Chronicles

The next cause she wanted to take on was illiteracy. She also desperately wanted more children. I can imagine her bringing back a child from one of her Africa trips. I think she would have had a flat in New York and maybe a place in L.A…. The man in her life? As she got older, I think she would want someone who could take care of her and protect her from the press and basically wrap her around with a security blanket.

Patrick Jephson

Diana’s former private secretary

Having got their extramarital experimentation out of their systems, she and [Charles] … could have reached a pragmatic reconciliation. Despite everything, they retained a great affection for each other. The painful experiences they went through would open their eyes to the value of their relationship.

Robert Lacey

author of Monarch: The Life and Reign of Elizabeth II

She would have retired to a convent. The only guests she would receive would be her sons. To be more serious, she always had a spiritual side. She would have turned her back on the world because the alternative was craziness. She would be single and chaste. She’d had enough with worthless men.

Ken Wharfe

Diana’s former bodyguard

She would have campaigned for Darfur. She would have needed someone stable—not a rock star or multimillionaire American.

Simone Simmons

Diana’s natural healer and confidante

Whether or not she would have married, I think she would have settled down. She was in love with [heart surgeon] Hasnat Khan because he was intelligent, caring. She wasn’t interested in superficialities.

Brian Hoey

royals author

She would have hated it if William and Harry were close to Camilla. Their upbringing would have been different. She would have emphasized a bit of restraint.

Christopher Andersen

author, After Diana

She’d be single and loving it, but dating the likes of [New York City mayor] Michael Bloomberg—money, power, she loved Americans. And she would have pushed for Kate Middleton. Diana would have recognized a great soulmate for William.

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