Oliver Jones
May 04, 2009 12:00 PM

1 When he’s not acting, he’s a pro deejay.

“If I can have a whole day to read my drum-machine manual, you will find me smiling.”

2 The divorced dad dotes on his daughter Isan, 7.

“Seeing her grow is a lot of joy. My little mama gets me happy.”

3 He’s no drama king.

“I met with this manager who said, ‘I love you, but could we have some drama? Let’s get you dating some hot models!’ That was the end of that meeting.”

4 He does a killer American accent.

“When I first moved here [from London in ’98], my hub was a Brooklyn barbershop,” says Elba. “I would watch these guys talk for hours.”

5 Because he looks like that …

“Thank my parents’ genes,” says the son of West African immigrants. “I am not in phenomenal shape, but that’s okay by me.”

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