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August 12, 2002 12:00 PM

Tamyra Gray, 23

Griggs: “She came out like she was Tina Turner. I thought, ‘Oh, I’m ready to see this!’ And she did good. I give her a 99 on her voice.”

Tiffany: “Lots of energy. Lots of fun. Very confident with her voice. I’d sign her.”

Gibson: “She is in my top three. Beautiful, stylish and confident—this girl is the American Idol personified.”

Wood: “She’ll get signed. She sang flat in some places, but who doesn’t?”

Gaynor: “No. Nope. I’d love to have her come sing at my birthday party, you know, with family and friends. But I wouldn’t pay to hear her.”

Justin Guarini, 23

Tiffany: “Wow! He’s gorgeous. And a good showman. He’s full of life. I would sign him to a recording contract. He’s ready.”

Griggs: “He knows how to work the crowd and smile at the camera and smile at the girls, but I wasn’t impressed at all by his singing.”

Cassidy: “Given the environment with the girls and the screaming—something I can easily relate to—I thought he was a natural. I loved his confidence, his stance. He could be a star.”

Gibson: “Since day one he has been the standout. You can visualize him hangin’ backstage at the MTV Awards with J.Lo and Janet.”

Nikki McKibbin, 23

Gaynor: “She certainly doesn’t have much of a range. Funky style, though.”

Wood: “Too many flat notes.”

Cassidy: “She reminded me of a bad ’80s act. She’s not going to be a star, and she’s shaking her hips too much. I could see her singing in a lounge.”

Tiffany: “I like her tongue ring.”

Griggs: “I don’t sense her as a singing star—more like a great cheerleader. If this were a pep rally, I’d vote for her.”

Ryan Starr, 19

Gibson: “She’s trying too hard to be hip. Great style and a torso to die for—but we already have Britney for that.”

Wood: “She has that rocker thing going, but I don’t see a whole lot more.”

Gaynor: “Ryan wasn’t really working the audience, she was working herself.”

Griggs: “This girl walked out like she owned the place, and I was ready to be blown away. But I wasn’t. With a name like that, you better be able to sing your butt off.”

Cassidy: “She’s dreadful. Beautiful girl, but not authentic. She could be on Baywatch.”

RJ Helton, 21

Gaynor: “He has charisma. Those young girls are going to eat him alive.”

Griggs: “There was something about him I couldn’t take seriously. I think it’s that he’s trying to follow the path of ‘N Sync. It’s already been done.”

Cassidy: “He looked like he was really enjoying himself, and he has a great smile.”

Gibson: “The voice is smooth and pleasant, but at the moment he’s more theme park than Grammy Awards.”

Kelly Clarkson, 20

Wood: “Whoa! She’s awesome.”

Griggs: “The only one I’d give an A to all around. She hit vocal licks no one else hit.”

Cassidy: “A stone star. She sounds like she’s been singing professionally for years.”

Tiffany: “I love her soul, the texture of her voice. She can give you chills. My favorite.”

Christina Christian, 21

Griggs: “Everything about her was an almost but not a star. She’s the coolest dresser. But her voice wasn’t up to par with the outfit.”

Tiffany: “She’s off-key a lot.”

Wood: “She just isn’t there. She definitely has some problems with her tuning.”

Gaynor: “Sharp notes, flat notes and no stage presence—but gorgeous. I think you should be a model, honey.”

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