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May 08, 2006 12:00 PM


Not one to shy from controversy, the 26-year-old maverick took on some pop princesses with the single “Stupid Girls” from her new CD I’m Not Dead. Newly married to motocross champ Carey Hart, 30, Pink still won’t duck a fight, but she might be careful about breaking a nail.

“I’m a woman and I like to be cute. I love to wear dresses. But I’m still a tomboy. I like to go dirt-bike riding. I was an athlete growing up, a gymnast, and I grew up climbing trees with my brother. I like being comfortable, and I like getting dirty. It’s who I am. I’m both a tomboy and a woman. The first time I wore heels was in my mom’s closet. I was 6 and I thought I was Madonna. That’s what’s so great about being a woman. You can be all of that.

On my wedding day my friends and family were shocked I was in a pretty white dress. I loved it! I loved feeling like a princess. It’s so fun to feel sexy and it’s so fun being a girl, I can’t imagine being a guy. We get to have so much fun. I love the feeling. I love materials, I love clothes. I used to wear boy underwear, like boy shorts. Now I wear Agent Provocateur.

Men have an easier time dealing with a woman if she appears to be in the feminine role. If I walk into a meeting in Dickies and a T-shirt coming off a dirt bike, people will have a harder time talking to me. But if I walk in in a dress, they’re more comfortable.

I have 20 tattoos. They’re all really small. I have a bigger one, a dragon, on my leg. I’ve done tattoos since I was 12. Every chapter in my life is represented with a tattoo. Carey and I got a matching one that says ‘Tru Love’ about four years ago.

Carey’s so funny. If I gain weight he goes, ‘Oh, you’re so sexy,’ and if I lose weight he goes, ‘Oh, you’re so sexy.’ He’s absolutely no help in that department. If he had his way, I’d be in sweatpants with no makeup. He doesn’t help the cause.

Sometimes I just want to be comfortable, and other times I want to be cute. But I won’t act stupid in front of people. I won’t bat my eyelashes to get attention. It doesn’t matter who is in the room, I won’t change my personality.”

Alicia Keys

The nine-time Grammy winner is filming her second movie, The Nanny Diaries—she plays the best friend of Scarlett Johansson‘s lead character. At 26, Keys is spreading her wings.

“Hell’s Kitchen in New York when I was growing up was ugly. It was not the best place to come out in a summer dress. In order for me to make it down the street and not be hounded and harassed, I had to have a certain edge.

I’m a woman now. I feel more comfortable exploring that side of myself. Now I like black lacy lingerie. I went from granny panties to black lace. I went from Timberlands to Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos. I still have some Tims—I just go for a more tapered style. My slogan is, If it ain’t tight, it ain’t right.

I think I’ve lost a dress size, but I’m not into measuring and weighing. I don’t say, ‘Oh, I lost exactly 7.6 lbs.’ I definitely have slimmed down, and my body is shaped a little differently. It’s cool.

I’m still not partial to pink flowery dresses, but I will try them. Before, I was like, ‘No, uh-uh, no way.’ Whereas now I’ll give it a shot, see how it makes me feel. It’s a natural evolution. You start realizing what makes you comfortable.

Now, bring on the spas. I love a day when you’re with your friends getting your toes and your nails done. Anything that has to do with rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit, I’m all for it: a spa or a great massage. It’s all about the atmosphere too, in a place with rose petals on the feet and oils. I love those kinds of things.

But I’m not a prissy girl. I’m a WOMAN. Grrrr! What I like about being a woman is our power. We’re mysterious. Men can’t figure us out. They try, but there’s something about us that’s mystical and magical. There’s something very sensual about that, very powerful and intriguing. I love that about us.”

Avril Lavigne

She has a third album in the works, she’s planning a wedding to Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley, 26, and she recently gave voice to a possum in the animated film Over the Hedge. For Lavigne, her “new” image is just the latest, natural next step.

“Being a girl is awesome. There’s so much—bags, shoes, makeup, accessories. I love putting lotion on—I’m obsessed with lavender. It’s a lot of fun, and I think the older you get, the more you get into it.

It’s funny because everyone’s like, ‘Oh, your new look!’ But it’s not really like that. When you go from 17 to 21, you change a lot. Every girl does. I’m just growing up. And when you’re a girl, you can get into new things.

I was fresh out of high school—I didn’t finish high school—when I got a record deal and my first record exploded. My skater look was what I looked like in high school. Now I’m older. I’m a woman—and I’m getting married.

Before, I was like, ‘Oh, I would never curl my hair!’ I used to wear my hair in my face and I thought I’d never want to wear it in a ponytail because I’d feel like everyone was looking at me. Believe it or not, I’m really shy. So I always liked wearing my hair down. Now I wear it back a little bit. Sometimes I put it up.

For me, it’s all about hair, as opposed to makeup. I think dark, short hair would look really cool on me, because I have small features, and with my blue eyes. But I like long blonde hair right now.

I like to mix up my look. If my hair’s curly, I like to dress down a little more. If I’m going to wear a dress, I like it to be black, and I like to have some skulls on, or some Converse. When I paint my nails, I’ll use the wet n wild black polish. But normally I like to get somebody to do my nails.

I like black, and I mostly only ever wear black. I would still wear my old stuff, but I would probably wear the pants with a sexier top. I still have my size-36 skateboarding pants—really baggy cargo pants that hang really low. I’ll never throw those out because they were my favorite pants in grade 10. I feel like a kid when I wear a T-shirt and baggy pants now. And I still have my studs—studded belts, studded bracelets. I still wear studded belts all the time. I used to wear, like, five on my arm, but I don’t do that anymore.

It’s funny: The past four years of my life have been on-camera, so you see the changes. I look back at pictures and I laugh. I don’t think it’s bad. I think it’s funny how I used to wear baggy clothes all the time.

I used to be naturally athletic when I was younger, but now that I’m 21, I know I need to start working out. I’ve been eating really healthy and consciously working out and keeping active. I’ve got to get in shape for a certain event coming up!

When people hear me on the radio, they’ll still know it’s me, because I have my own thing. My last record, I was breaking up with somebody or wanting to break up with somebody—that’s why my songs were really dark. But I think lyrically my new record will be at a different place. It will just reflect on what my life is like right now. It’s still me—that little rock flavor and fun, spunky energy girl. But, let me be honest, there’s going to be some love songs on there. That’s what I feel, so that’s what I’m going to end up writing.

When you’re in this world, when you’re a celebrity, you have people talking about everything you do, everything you wear, and judging you. You’re under a microscope. But I’m confident. I’ve always been confident.”

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