People Staff
May 03, 1993 12:00 PM

Concept for a new soap opera: See, there’s this gorgeous girl, name’s Hunter Tylo, and she has this thing for snakes. (“They’re very affectionate because they love to get warm, so they crawl up your neck,” she says.) We’ll call it, hmmm, The Boa and the Beautiful. Tylo seems game for anything: She has also owned tarantulas and alligators. By day, on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful, she plays a psychiatrist-sex therapist who, in lathery encounters with actor Ron Moss, her soap hubby, throws decorum—and lingerie—to the wind. By night, the Texas native, 30, is a Studio City, Calif., den mother to boa B.J., two iguanas, two cats and two sons, Christopher, 12 (by a brief marriage that ended in 1983) and Micky, 5, by husband Michael Tylo, whom she met when the pair worked together on All My Children. (They wed in 1987.) “I like getting dressed up and going out with her,” notes Michael (now on The Young and the Restless). “You walk into a room, and everyone notices her. It’s a reminder that I really did well.”

Growing up, Hunter was noticeable for different reasons. “I had big lips and eyes and was always teased. I hated makeup and didn’t give a damn about boys.” Fast forward to the mid-’80s, when cosmetic companies came calling to sign up the daytime dramatist for commercials. “All of a sudden I’m going, ‘Wow, I can make money with these ugly features.’ Today I’m making a living because of my ugliness!” she laughs. Hmmm. Maybe the soap should be called The Bowled Over and the Beautiful.

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