People Staff
June 04, 1990 12:00 PM

Mary Steenburgen loves the Wild West. “It was so rip-roaring and fun,” she says. Rip-roaring, yes. Fun, maybe. But what about glamour, Mare? In times past, the only stars to be seen in most cow towns were pinned to the sheriffs chest. Not so at last week’s Western-themed L.A. premiere party for Back to the Future Part III, where Sally Field, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Steven Spielberg, ZZ Top, Maria Shriver and her big-as-a-posse husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, all kicked up dust.

Time tripper Michael J. Fox wasn’t able to go West for the non-necktie party—he’s in New York City filming The Hard Way with James Woods—but such Future folks as Steenburgen (who plays a school-marm), director Robert Zemeckis and the trilogy’s eternal bully, Thomas F. Wilson, moseyed on over to the four-acre Western set on Universal Studio’s back lot where the party was held.

The event, which was a fund-raiser for L.A.’s Westside Children’s Center, a foster-child agency, may have been rip-roaring fun, but, other than Steenburgen, no one was gunning to follow Fox into the Old West. Martin Short said he’d prefer the early 1960s (“I liked it then. I was swinging”). Maria Shriver wasn’t sure what era she’d prefer: “I can’t think of anything. I guess I’m learning to live in the present.” And Sally Field, displaying the plucky good sense that helped win her two Oscars, wouldn’t give time travel the time of day. “I like it just fine right now,” she said.

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