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Hot Looks

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It was a hell-for-leather kind of year. Biker black led the pack. Hip-hop bopped into the mainstream, cross-dressing crossed over, women in men’s suits made like Marlene. Dresses shimmered and shimmied, retro was all the rage, and leopard prints were spotted everywhere. It’s a jungle out there.

Heavy Leather

You don’t need to join a gang. You don’t even need a Harley-Davidson. All you need is a drop-dead leather jacket—and the attitude to match. So cruise on out, everyone, and remember: Somewhere, James Dean is watching.

James Dean Jr.? No, Jason (Beverly Hills, 90210) Priestley, posing as his favorite teen idol.

It was legs and leather to the fore when supermodel Vendela adorned the L. A. premiere of Batman Returns last June.

Black leather became Goldie Hawn at a Death Becomes Her bash last July.

Patrick Swayze scored a KO in his motorcycle jacket at the Holyfield-Holmes fight.

Liz Taylor went biker, in metal-studded Versace, to bid Johnny Carson farewell on The Tonight Show.

At a Manhattan party, even Dan’s wife, Jean, decided she’d Rather be in gear.

For Batman Returns, Billy Idol and son went heart-to-heart in outfits by hot L.A. designers Chrome Hearts.

All That Glitters

When the spotlight shines on these designing women, they shine right back. Flashbulbs pop—and they sparkle in the reflected glory. Glamor 101: If you want the limelight, go for the gold…and the silver and the sequins.

Soaper-star Deidre Hall went for the thousand-points-of-light effect.

Vamping and camping, Glenn Close set a gold standard at a New York City AIDS benefit.

Jessica Lange was bead-decked by Calvin Klein at a Broadway opening.

Vanna White was wearin’ the green, Oleg Cassini-style.

Janine Turner showed both northern and southern exposures at the Golden Globes.

Maria Maples trumped the competition for best glitz at a Beverly Hills award ceremony.

All That Roars

It’s party time, and the beasts of play are ready. Some roar, some purr. Some pounce, some just slither suggestively. Let tamer animals beware; there’s danger in the air.

Sharon Stone showed a basic instinct for hot spots at a Comic Relief fundraiser in L.A. last May.

Thanks to Calvin Klein, Claudia Schiffer was a snakelike charmer at a rain forest benefit in New York City.

At the Emmys, Rosie (A League of Their Own) O’Donnell took a walk on the wild side in a Todd Oldham big-cat suit.

It’s not just a lass menagerie these nights: That’s Elton John in Versace at Wembley last June.

Jamie Lee Curtis looked feral at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Ckeck It Out

It’s like night and day, really. Take a dash of downtown black. Add a flash of brightest white. Then step back and watch the fashion fission.

Audrey Hepburn showed her true stripes in Givenchy at a Sean Connery tribute in Los Angeles.

Women Who Dress Like Bishops? No, Oprah Winfrey in a Vlabo Besic suit.

Garth Brooks gave basic black a spin at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Rocker Sammy Hagar and friend Kari Karte were checkmated at the MTV Video Music Awards.

A Valentino-clad Bette Midler was divine at his 30-year retrospective.

Tailor Maids

Women are belatedly getting a pin-striped leg up in Hollywood. See you at Brooks Brothers, sisters. Now, where’s the cellular phone?

Memo to Daryl Hannah: Shorten the trousers. Fix the shirt cuffs. Lose the black shoes.

In a John Travolta-ish mode, Diane Keaton discos with her date book.

Rush director Lili Fini Zanuck serged to an MTV award show in Armani.

Moving from L.A. Law to Love & War, Susan retains a vested interest in Dey wear.

Tia Carrere schwings into Wayne’s world in a Claude Barthelemy jacket.

Haute Hop

Up from the street, hip-hop couture is bold, baggy, backward—and politically correct, right down to its Malcolm X, Y and Z

Front to back, the Kris Kross duo is the soul of street style.

Lori Petti’s overalls echo forerunners Pinky Lee and Ringling Bros.

Sporting a monocle with a message, TLC’s Left Eye (center) winks at fashion.


Hey, Mom, look what we found in the attic! Beads, berets, Aquarian accoutrements…. It may be the ’90s, but the fashion reports predict an extended spell in the mid-’60s.

Rapper Prince Be digs the Maharishi mystery-tour look.

Wilson Phillips is a blast from the past, primed for “Dancing in-the Street.”

Peter, Paul & Kim? Basinger go-goed at a Jerry Brown benefit in March.

Emma Peel redux: Lady Kier Kirby’s vintage vinyl is Deee-liteful.

Great Grunge!

Instead of going to the Gap, Seattle rockers went to the garage. From lubed locks to shredded jeans, the look is coming soon to your dirty neck of the woods.

The grunge-girl group L7 Euro-trashed Germany last spring.

Sound-garden’s Chris Cornell takes it on the shin for style.

Part punk, part metal, the boys of Nirvana only look like they’re falling apart at the seams.