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November 27, 2006 12:00 PM

Matthew McConaughey & Josh Lucas

As if the bedroom-blue eyes weren’t enough. These two southern-born actors can both do the “howdy-ma’am” drawl and dress up their dimples with the same five o’clock shadow.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Eric Dane

The Departed star and Grey’s McSteamy share hairlines and bone structure.

Michael Vartan & Patrick Wilson

Chiseled chins and prominent foreheads lend an aura of intelligence to the dashing Alias agent and the indie actor.

Will Ferrell & Dane Cook

Stranger than fiction? There’s something uncanny in how these comics’ facial traits mimic each other.

Jason Lee & Ronnie Vannucci

Must be karma. The mustachioed My Name Is Earl actor meets his doppelgänger in the drummer for the Killers.

Michael Ealy & D.L. Hughley

Sparkling eyes plus kissable lips add up to irresistible for the Sleeper Cell and Studio 60 stars.

Matt Leinart & Brody Jenner

Manly stubble and bold eyebrows unite these brown-eyed boys—a quarterback and the son of an Olympian.

Zach Braff & Raffaello Follieri

A Scrubs doc’s been cloned! Behold the tousled bangs and lush lips of Anne Hathaway‘s businessman beau.

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