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Hollywood's Hottest

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Age: 36

Height: 5′11¾″

Next Up: We Are Marshall with Matthew Fox (October).

Dog days: Since splitting with Penélope Cruz last month, his main squeeze is Foxy, a Red Heeler pooch.

Roamin’ holiday: “My favorite thing to do alone is jam in my truck and drive,” he says. “There are very few people I could take a road trip with. It’s where I have my best thoughts.”

On the floor of his truck: “Gatorade bottles, coffee cups, straws, gum wrappers and wadded-up directions.”

The ex file: “Matthew is one of the few people who stays unwaveringly true to himself … always,” says Sandra Bullock.

CHECKLIST: bad boy – funny – has a dog – degree – cooks – can sing

DATEABILITY: He’s adventurous, earthy and very unconventional.


Age: 25

Height: 6 ft.

See him in: The upcoming thriller Zodiac.

What makes him sexy: “Definitely his smile,” says his Zodiac costar Bijou Phillips. “He has that cute little-boy smile.”

Hidden talent: “I like to cook,” he says. “Wherever there’s good food, there’s good people. As my mom says, ‘Good cooks never lack friends.'”

Family guy: “I want a lot of kids. Two or four. Not six. It’s torture after four.”

Fan-atics: The Academy Award nominee’s legions of smitten fans call themselves Gyllenhaalics.

CHECKLIST: good guy – funny – has a dog – cooks – oscar nominee or winner

DATEABILITY: Smart, sensitive and smokin’, this guy’s got staying power.


Age: 38

Height: 5′11″

See him in: The much-anticipated movie version of Miami Vice, due out in July.

Best feature: “When he’s genuinely tickled, he has a sparkle in his eyes,” says Anika Noni Rose, who filmed Dreamgirls with Foxx. “His smile travels all the way up to his eyes.”

Center of attention: “He’s crazy. If he gets a microphone, just sit and wait it out because he’s not going to stop!” Rose says.

CHECKLIST: bad boy – funny – has kids – can sing – oscar nominee or winner

DATEABILITY: This good-time guy needs a woman who can keep up.


Age: 37

Height: 5′11″

Next up: This summer he lends his voice to the animated movie Cars and stars in the comedy You, Me and Dupree.

Good-humor man: “Owen has a weird sense of humor,” says Molly Sims, his costar in 2004’s Starsky & Hutch. And, having taken a bath with Jackie Chan in Shanghai Noon, competed in a fierce male-model walk-off in Zoolander and held his own opposite Jane Seymour’s breasts in Wedding Crashers, he’s proven that he’ll do anything for a laugh.

CHECKLIST: bad boy – funny – has a dog

DATEABILITY: He’ll make you giggle—and then forget to call.


Age: 31

Height: 5′10″

Hear him/see him: Everywhere. He hosts two radio shows (On-Air with Ryan Seacrest and American Top 40), anchors E! News—and then there’s that American Idol gig.

What he finds attractive: “I love a woman with a great guttural laugh.”

Biggest fear: “Dead air, socially.”

Special skills: “I’ve mastered the art of driving with my knees and responding to my e-mails on my BlackBerry.”

CHECKLIST: good guy – funny

DATEABILITY: A fun guy, but does his busy schedule allow for a relationship?


Age: 32

Height: 5′9½″

The latest: His second solo CD What’s Left of Me debuted this spring at No. 2 on the Billboard charts.

What he eats for breakfast: “I make a mean oatmeal. I’m not a milk guy. Raisins and brown sugar, that’s how I take mine.”

Kid friendly: “Playing with kids and having them call me Uncle Nick—that’s what makes me happy, not selling a million records. I can’t wait until the day I have kids,” he told TEEN PEOPLE in April.

CHECKLIST: good guy – has a dog – divorced – can sing

DATEABILITY: This sought-after single, who is currently dating Kim Kardashian, is a true romantic at heart.


Age: 38

Height: 5′8″

See him on: His summer mega-tour, which runs through September.

Keeping it clean: “I’ve done my own laundry since eighth grade. Now I’m too particular to let anyone else do it.”

Renée who? “The most romantic thing I’ve done recently was in Mexico. I took a girl to the town square one night. We danced in the street, then rode in a horse-drawn carriage.”

Settling down: “I want to give marriage another try. I do want kids. I’ve been through so many ups and downs … I’ll be able to bring a whole lot of living to the table.”

CHECKLIST: good guy – divorced – degree – can sing

DATEABILITY: An old-fashioned romantic, but constant touring could derail domestic bliss.


Age: 34

Height: 6′1″

See him on: FOX’s hit Prison Break.

What makes women weak: “His height,” says costar Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays his love interest on Prison Break. And his brains—he’s a graduate of Princeton.

Mystery man: “He’s somebody who has few close friends. He looks for peace within himself before turning to others,” says Callies.

When you look into his hazel eyes, they can look green or blue, depending on the lighting.

CHECKLIST: good guy – degree – can sing

DATEABILITY: Tall, smart and sexy, but a bit of a loner.