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October 19, 2009 12:00 PM


Age: 59. Made her movie debut in 1971’s The Last Picture Show; won two Golden Globes for the TV series Moonlighting.


Age: 30. Spent two years on Showtime’s The L Word; now plays Mackenzie Browning on the daytime soap The Young and the Restless.

When did you know Clementine would be an actress?

CYBILL: Well, her beauty was evident when she was 8 hours old. I was very protective, because remember, you wanted to be a model?

CLEMENTINE: No—you said I should be a model, but I was fat. She says I wasn’t, but I was.

CYBILL: I was worried about all those eating disorders. I was worried about you getting caught up in that.

How did you end up playing mother and daughter on The L Word?

CLEMENTINE: The gay magazines always ask me! [Clementine is gay.] The show wanted to hire someone from Canada [where the series filmed], but my mom said, “If I get you her tape, will you at least watch it?”

CYBILL: We were doing our first big scene together, and the night before, you said to me, “I hope I don’t disappoint you, Mom.” You were so mad at me in the scene; in between the takes, you seemed like you were still mad at me. You transformed yourself.

Cybill, how have you managed to have such career longevity?

CYBILL: You’re a winner as long as you keep working. I’ve made a transition from the lead to supporting roles.

CLEMENTINE: But when she wasn’t working, she was very involved with me and my brother and my sister.

What did your mother teach you about acting?

CLEMENTINE: I used to be late all the time, and one day she told me, “When you’re late, you’re disrespecting every single person you made a commitment to.” That stuck with me.

CYBILL: A great way to learn about acting is to see great performances. We have favorites, like 42nd Street.

CLEMENTINE: Footlight Parade.

CYBILL: All Busby Berkeley. And you grew up watching Three’s Company in reruns.

CLEMENTINE: I wanted to marry John Ritter!

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