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July 23, 2001 12:00 PM

Sometimes pictures can give insight into the future—foretelling Shaquille O’Neal’s winning personality, Liv Tyler‘s beauty and Bo Derek’s long love affair with horses. But they also provide a valuable link to the past. Such photos, says Derek’s mother, Norma Bass, “make you think about the good times you had together as a family.”

actress Audrey Hepburn ca. 1974

“This photo was taken at Mommy’s most favorite place in the whole world, at our house in Tolochenaz, Switzerland. It was always fun to climb one of the many beautiful apple trees she had in the garden.”

—son Luca Dotti, at home with his mother

singer Julio Iglesias 1984

“We were in Japan on a tour, traveling throughout the country, to 10 different cities in about 21 days, watching all my father’s shows. Here we’re in Tokyo, and my brother [age 9] and I [age 11] are dressed in kimonos. It’s one of my father’s favorite photos. We only got to travel with him during the summer because of school. I have some really nice memories of those times.”—son Julio Iglesias Jr. (right), with his brother Enrique and their father

basketball player Shaqille O’Neal 1973

In this photo we’re about to celebrate Shaquille’s first birthday. He was sitting in his high chair and was so excited about the cake I was bringing to put in front of him. He was a happy, lovable baby and always smiling. His hair was curly and soft but I usually kept it braided. People sometimes confused him for a girl. I wanted him to be able to have this picture as a memento, so later on he could see he had a full head of hair. I got him a haircut a few days after this birthday.”—mother Lucille O’Neal Harrison, about her son, at a relative’s home in Newark, N.J.

actress Ava Gardner 1959

“Ava came home about every two years. There was always a lot going on when she did—people stopping by and the phone ringing off the hook. She used to bring these big steamer trunks with these beautiful, glamorous clothes, but she rarely put any of them on. Mostly she preferred jeans. When she came home, there was no awkwardness, no ‘getting used to.’ I call that a good family member and a good friend.”—niece Mary Edna Grantham (far right), about her aunt Ava Gardner (third from left), with (clockwise from far left) the actress’s niece-in-law Laura Grimes, sister-in-law Rose Gardner, brother Jack Gardner and sisters Myra Pearce and Elsie Creech in Smithfield, N.C.

actress Liv Tyler 1991

“This is one of those pictures I show people and say, ‘Guess who’s who?’ You just can’t tell. Although Liv and I didn’t know each other growing up [their father is Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler], there were so many things we had in common even before we met. Like we used to always get perms. This photo is from the first year we hung out together. Liv was in seventh grade, I was in sixth, and we’re both growing out perms. We put on this frosty pink lipstick. We thought we were so cool!”—Mia Tyler (right), with her half sister Liv in New York City

actor Casper Van Dien 1975

“This is Casper’s first-grade picture from Somerville Elementary in Ridgewood, N.J. He’s wearing his favorite blazer and a really big bow tie. He always loved to dress up. He’d insist on it for special occasions and to go to church and Sunday school—he wanted to be just like his father and grandfather, who are also named Casper. When Casper wasn’t in his Sunday best, he was organizing all the neighborhood kids, giving them old sailor caps to wear [his father is a retired Naval aviator]. Casper would have them marching around the backyard waving flags, his own little Navy.”—mother Diane Van Dien

puppeteer Shari Lewis 1963

“My mother knew lots of games and jokes. She was playful—all my stuffed animals talked! But she wasn’t just a kid at heart. She was a professional and a businesswoman. She worked very hard at being a good mom because she was so busy.”—daughter Mallory Lewis, with her mother at home in New York City

actor William Shatner 1967

“Me and my dad were playing and laughing in the park. My two sisters were there too. The weekends were the most important thing in the world to all of us because we would spend time with our father. This photo was taken around when my parents were getting divorced, but no matter where my dad was during the week, even if he was working out of town, he’d come home on the weekends to be with us, Back then he didn’t have the money to fly, so he’d drive—sometimes across the country—to get home.”—daughter Melanie Shatner Gretsch, with her father near their Los Angeles home

actress Bo Derek ca. 1959

That was her first horse. It was a Christmas present when she was about 3 years old. She spent hours—hours—rocking back and forth. I think that’s when her love for horseback riding probably started, because this toy was a favorite. She stopped playing with the horse only when her brother Colin finally took it over. But he didn’t get the horse bug like she did.”—mother Norma Bass, about her daughter, at home in Long Beach, Calif.

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