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January 25, 1993 12:00 PM

“Migrant workers were a big cause with our church,” says Tony (left, with his big sister and brother Hugh). “Hillary would organize carnivals, games, and we’d participate to raise money for them.”

Hillary and her brothers posed with grandfather Hugh Rodham, a lace-factory worker in Scranton, Pa.

In 1955, “not everyone had a TV, so we had to make up games,” says Hugh (here with Hillary). “We were self-reliant.”

In addition to skating, the athletic Hillary (at age 6, with Hugh, 3) enjoyed everything from baseball to ballet.

“I never had to worry about Hillary putting her finger in a light socket or anything,” says mother Dorothy of her daughter (with Tony and Hugh). “I had great confidence in that child.”

Hillary caught some sun with Tony and Hugh. Later, as a teenager, she worked as a lifeguard at the municipal pool in Park Ridge.

“It seemed to me you should not be held down because you were a girl,” says Dorothy of her daughter (with Hugh in 1952). “So I made sure that ‘roles’ didn’t interfere with her direction.”

Dressed for a major holiday moment, Hillary and Hugh paid a solemn visit to Santa Claus in 1952.

“We lived in a very middle-class suburb,” says Tony. “But our parents would drive us down to Skid Row.” Adds Hugh (with Hillary): “They wanted us to find out the plight of other people.”

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