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Hey, Who Is That Lady with Howard Himmelstein? She Came Dressed Not to Kill but to Boogie

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It wasn’t a hoedown they were holding at Manhattan’s chic new disco, Studio 54, but you can pretty much wear what you want when your first name is Cher (as in c’est trop cher). So no one batted an eye when Chastity’s mom (who recently checked into Doctors Hospital in New York for on-the-sly face and breast lifts) showed up looking like Hee Haw’s last giggle.

The real question, of course, was the identity of that bozo clumping the light fantastic in his hiking boots. It certainly wasn’t ex-mate Sonny (with whom she just completed a successful tour). Nor was it hubby Gregg (whom she recently visited in a Connecticut hospital, where he was undergoing drug rehabilitation).

In fact, Cher’s bearded sidekick was none other than screenwriter Howard Himmelstein, 29, co-owner of Camp Beverly Hills, a new boutique that specializes in outdoor chic for high climbers like Candy Bergen, Barbra Streisand and Giancarlo Giannini. Says Himmelstein, “Cher and I are good friends. We often go out stepping.” Diplomatically he adds: “Gregg’s a good friend too.”