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Her First Stone Casts Teen Model Mandy Smith into the Limelight

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Mandy Smith is only 16, but she feels she simply must become a top model. Or a rock star. Or a movie great or something like that. Otherwise everybody might remember her just for having been the 13-year-old companion of a famous, aged rocker, namely Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman, and conclude that she tried to use their two-and-a-half-year relationship as a way of launching a career. “I don’t want to be known as that girl who went out with that guy,” Mandy says—a most understandable fear when you consider that her association with Wyman first made headlines last summer at the very moment her new manager was preparing to introduce her to an oblivious world as a model. One moment Mandy was in Spain with a new boyfriend and the next thing you know, there she was on page 1 of London’s News of the World, under the headline “Rock Star’s Child Lover Aged 13.” Ever since, she has been besieged with offers of money from people who have the wrong idea.

Actually, Mandy and manager Maurice Boland seem to have rejected only one big offer—$75,000 from the News of the World for more detail on the story they had just run. But they have done other stories, and Mandy’s modeling career has blossomed. Her first single—I Just Can’t Wait—will come out in Britain this month, and she plans a tour to promote it. These things take thought. Mandy canceled one club date because ads promised discounts for the elderly; she thought someone was making fun of Wyman, now 50.

Wyman met Mandy in the audience at a record awards show in 1984. “I wasn’t like other 13-year-olds,” she recalls. “I don’t think my mind was totally advanced, but my body was.” She quit school last spring to seek her fortune. “It was a matter of staying in, studying, when I was used to going out,” she explains. Now, with her mind and body advancing apace, she and Boland know what they want. “It’s Hollywood for us,” Mandy says. “That’s where we want to end up.” Could happen.