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Hello, Henry!

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Oct. 8, 2006

6 lbs. 5 oz.

Sure, lots of couples don’t want to know in advance if they’re having a boy or a girl. But Scrubs star Christa Miller and her husband, Bill Lawrence, the show’s executive producer, went to great lengths to keep their third child’s gender a secret. “Our doctor knew,” says Miller. “Then our interior designer needed to know so he could choose a color scheme for the nursery. He was so nervous about letting it slip that we only communicated by e-mails—and terse ones at that.”

Instead, the couple made bets with each other, and on Oct. 8, Lawrence collected when Henry Van Duzer arrived. (Both are family names.) “As soon as we got to the hospital, Bill wrote on the maternity ward’s dry erase board that our child, who wasn’t even born yet, was a boy,” says Miller. And after the delivery, he scratched “boy” out and wrote, “Told you so!”

Henry and his parents are now nesting in the family’s L.A. home, with his sister Charlotte, 6, and brother William Jr., 3. “He’s not so different from his siblings,” says Miller. “He doesn’t like his hair washed. He does like his massage. We’ve been very blessed.” Alas, Miller knows her days of maternal bliss are numbered. “Two weeks after Henry’s birth,” she says, “Bill asked me if I could go back to work” on Scrubs, which returns Nov. 30. “I almost killed him. He’s now given me six weeks off—very generous!” In the meantime, her costars are making house calls. “Zach [Braff] came for dinner and read the kids bedtime stories,” she says. “He has a great Chicken Little voice. Now the kids want Uncle Zach to come every night.”