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Heidi Klum

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At 33, German supermodel-turned-Project-Runway-host Heidi Klum has become, in the words of former Runway contestant Daniel Franco, a “superglamour mom.” With a son, 10-month-old Henry, by her British singer husband, Seal, and a daughter, Leni, 2, from a previous relationship, and a third child on the way, Klum still finds time to host Germany’s Next Top Model and design a line of jewelry to be sold on QVC. She sat down with PEOPLE’s K.C. Baker to dish about the hectic reality of family life:

Is pregnancy easier the third time around?

It was always easy for me. I’m lucky. A friend said, “You just got back into shape, and here you go again.” I don’t think about that at all. The child is more important than my figure.

What are you doing to stay in shape?

Not much. I’m busy running after the kids. We try to take them everywhere we go. On the plane it’s [especially] hard. People sometimes have no mercy.

What are Leni and Henry like?

Henry is huge. He’s a really nice little boy. Leni loves to dance and put on a show. She speaks German and English, which I’m proud of. She’ll say things in German, and Seal will say, “What does that mean?” He understands a lot, but she’s catching up.

How do you and Seal keep your romance alive?

We’re always going to be newlyweds. I really hope so. Things are good. My mother is coming to L.A., and we’re leaving her with the kids to go to Vegas for four or five days. Sometimes you have to do that. You can’t forget about love. We’re going to see shows and do some fun things.

Such as?

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

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