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Who’s that Girl?

BRUCE WILLIS, 48, tends to attract strong women. But the father of three girls seems to be holding his own over lunch with Australian actress Bianca Chiminello at L.A.’s Urth Caffé on May 9.


PRINCE HARRY, 18, got cozy with LAURA GERARD-LEIGH, 18, at the Badminton Horse Trials this month, prompting speculation that the wealthy stockbroker’s daughter—a regular at London’s hippest clubs—is Harry’s first serious lady friend.

The Ring

Does her new bauble mean wedding bells?

GWYNETH PALTROW, 30, denies she’s engaged to Coldplay frontman CHRIS MARTIN, 26—despite the band she has been wearing on her left ring finger. At the Ashtanga, NY premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on May 9, she refused to answer questions about it. Later, hand-in-hand, they made their connection clear.

Race for the Klum

HEIDI KLUM, 29, isn’t yet divorced from her hairdresser hubby, but Italian race-car team manager FLAVIO BRIATORE, 53, is “smitten,” says a source. Since March he has wooed Klum (recently squired by the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis) from Pisa to Paris to Saint-Tropez.

Well Hello, Harry

HARRY KULLIJIAN, 83, hadn’t spoken to CAROL CHANNING, 82, in oh, 70 years, since they were junior high sweethearts. But when a pal told the Modesto, Calif., city councilman that Channing’s memoir called him her first love, the widower gave her a call. Though engaged at the time to her manager, Channing called back. Three months later Channing made Kullijian her fourth husband—and he became her new manager. “He puts his arm around me, and oh my gosh, it’s chemical,” says Channing. “We plan to have 12 children.”