People Staff
March 02, 2009 12:00 PM

“All the time—before I found my husband! I was always the girl waiting by the phone for the guy to call, and it was so depressing having your emotions on that roller coaster. I’m so happy to be over the dating scene.”


“I went to [work] in Peru, but I was dating this girl at the time. I said, ‘We should go our separate ways.’ Then I had clarity. So I called to tell her—we’d been apart for 15 days—and she said, ‘I have actually really enjoyed myself!'”


“I’ve had to say at times that I’d like to just be friends. There is no text breaking up, no text letting down. There is a face-to-face ‘I’m sorry.'”


“That never happens. I make them feel that way. She’s Just Not That Into You should be the sequel to that movie.”


“None that I’d like to share. They just don’t call you back!”


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