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Hats Off!

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During her Sept. 17 wedding in the Canadian Rockies, country singer Terri Clark didn’t have cold feet—just cold everything else. “It was chilly and really, really windy,” says Clark of the outdoor ceremony. “My hair was out of control!” And for once, when she could have really used it, the lifelong tomboy didn’t wear her signature cowboy hat. “It wasn’t even a consideration. I had a feeling I would look back on that when I was 80 and regret it,” says Clark, 37, who exchanged vows with her longtime tour manager, Greg Kaczor, 45. “But I did wear cowboy boots so I kept part of my attire consistent.”

And although she did wear an elegant Amy Michelson gown, Clark, true to form, did not put on airs. After a reception at the Post Hotel resort located west of Clark’s childhood home, the couple—who started working together in ’95 but only began dating last fall—invited their 50 guests to the honeymoon suite for wine and a surprise show. “I mooned people at the party because I had underwear that said ‘Shut up and drink,'” says Clark. “Blushing bride I am not.”

After a quick four-day honeymoon at the resort, the pair returned to work on Clark’s tour, where home is a bus. “He has been sleeping in the bunk two feet above me for 10 years,” says Clark. “Now we’re going to be sleeping side by side for the rest of our lives.”