People Staff
May 12, 1997 12:00 PM

AT 54, HARRISON FORD GIVES FANS AS many reasons to swoon in The Devil’s Own, in which he stars with formidable heartthrob Brad Pitt, as he did 20 years ago in the recently rereleased Star Wars trilogy. Back then, he deadpans, “I was an embryonic version of the life-form you now know.” Wendy Crewson, who plays First Lady to Ford’s Commander-in-Chief in this July’s thriller Air Force One, believes that he has matured into more than the sum of his fabulous parts. “It’s a package thing,” she says. “You never worry that you’re going to slip and fall with Harrison. He’s going to catch you.” There’s one thing you won’t catch the 6′ actor doing, though, and that’s preening. “He’s totally uninterested in his looks, and that probably makes him even more good-looking,” says Anne Archer, his spouse in Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games. Indeed, the father of four children (two sons from his first marriage and a son and daughter with his wife of 14 years, screenwriter Melissa Mathison) claims to be an assortment of flaws, beginning with the scar on his chin that he received in a 1965 automobile accident. “I have no feature I’m particularly proud of. I’d like to give my nose one more chance to find a normal position on my face,” he says, explaining that it was broken “any number of times.” After appearing in seven of the Top 20 films of all time, Ford will not reveal a single grooming secret. Whatever he does, he says with a wink, is “just what I learned from Brad Pitt.”

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