People Staff
May 14, 2001 12:00 PM

OCCUPATION: U.S. Representative (D-Tenn.)

AGE: 30 HEIGHT: 5 11′


RESIDENCE: Memphis and Washington, D.C.

BIG BREAK: He gave the keynote address at last year’s Democratic convention.

HOW HE GOT THERE: Ford was elected to Congress in ’96 (six months out of the University of Michigan Law School); he replaced his retiring dad, Harold E. Ford Sr.

STAR QUALITY: Pal Jason Levien says being at the convention with Ford was “like traveling with Elvis. Even the cast of The West Wing wanted to meet him.”

WHAT CANT BE MISSED: His “piercing, pretty green eyes,” says Jennifer Baltimore, Ford’s former fiancée. (The pair broke up last May yet remain close friends.)

GEEK HISTORY: Ford had braces for six years, until he was 19, and suffered from acne until recently: “I was running for Congress and had to put makeup on to cover it up.”

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