People Staff
September 16, 1974 12:00 PM

Along came Jason

When Betty and Bernard Smith of Crewe, England married 17 years ago they planned on having two children, a boy and a girl. First they had the girl. And then another girl. And another. “The girls kept coming,” laughs Bernard, “and we kept on trying.” Finally, when the tally stood at eight daughters, ages ranging from 4 to 16, along came Jason. His arrival home was met with big smiles from everyone except Jason himself, who deserves to look glum about all those years ahead with all those older sisters clucking over him.

Face filling

From the looks of him, 11-year-old Mark Miller of Philadelphia could be either the loser in a pie-throwing contest or the winner in a pie-eating contest. It’s the latter. Fans cheering for the boy in the local playground event credited his own pie-shaped face, and the appetite to match. How did Mark find his championship? As always, he reported, victory was sweet.

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