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Happy Birthday! Will Turns 30!

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1983 Already a looker! At 7 months, Will (in Kensington Palace) showed off his baby blues.

1986 Man in uniform: In a paratrooper’s beret, the 4-year-old prince threw a perfect salute.

1991 Dapper with his daffodil, the 8-year-old accompanied Charles and Diana to Wales.

1988 William (top, at 6, with Diana and Harry) has “his mum’s giggle,” a friend says.

1985 A chubby-cheeked and fashion-forward 3-year-old on his first day of nursery school.

1997 Diana called Will (at 14) “gorgeous”-and countless teen girls agreed.

2008 Will (at 25), who qualified as an operational captain in the Royal Air Force, led a dramatic sea rescue in 2011.

2004 Hunky, royal-and rich. For his 30th birthday June 21, Will comes into an inheritance from Diana of about $16 million.

2007 Will (at 25, with Harry and Kanye West) hangs with celebs from David Beckham to Nicole Kidman.

APRIL 29, 2011 Will and Kate are still “really quite magical,” says someone who met them June 13.

2011 Will (at 29, visiting a Los Angeles arts program for kids) has said he and Kate “want a family.”