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Halle's Men at War: Out of Control

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Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time when families come together. But at Halle Berry‘s Beverly Hills house this year, it ended in blood, bruises and a citizen’s arrest. What led to the mayhem? When Berry’s ex, model Gabriel Aubry, dropped off their daughter Nahla, 4, he exchanged words with Berry’s fiance, actor Olivier Martinez. Then tensions sparked by a bitter two-year custody battle erupted into a fistfight that sent both to the hospital.

The men have different explanations for their battle royal. “Mr. Aubry, as he has done in the past, attempted to use his size to intimidate … and shoved Mr. Martinez, then punched him,” says a Berry source, claiming Martinez, a former boxer, “simply defended himself.” But in court documents, Aubry, 37, alleges Martinez, 46, threatened him at Nahla’s school on Nov. 21, then assaulted him on Thanksgiving. (See excerpt, below.) Martinez demanded a citizen’s arrest, says a source, and Aubry was booked for battery by the L.A.P.D. and released on $20,000 bail; he has not been charged as police continue to investigate.

One thing is certain: It’s a new low in an incredibly toxic Hollywood feud. Since their 2010 breakup, Berry, 46, and Aubry have been embroiled in a custody tug of war involving myriad he said/she said allegations. On Nov. 9 a judge denied Berry-who has endured a string of nasty splits-her request to move to Paris with Nahla, which Aubry opposed. “Halle and Olivier [a French native] were disappointed,” says a source. But Berry is “not giving up. She’s trying to get a permanent restraining order against Gabriel.” (Aubry was granted one against Martinez after the brawl.) How all the venom will affect Nahla remains to be seen. On Nov. 23 Berry took her to a Yo Gabba Gabba concert. The star “looked stressed,” says an onlooker. “But she danced with Nahla and put on a happy face.”