People Staff
May 14, 2001 12:00 PM

On her Web site, Halle Berry offers beauty and fashion advice. She’s particularly big on caring for her complexion—advocating exfoliation three times a week and regular facials. “If you take good care of yourself, you don’t have to cover things up,” says the Emmy-and Golden Globe-winning star of the 1999 HBO movie Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. “It takes work and you have to take it seriously. In the long run you look younger and feel better.”

Berry, 34, who next stars opposite John Travolta in this summer’s Swordfish, obviously knows what she’s talking about. “There are those whom the camera loves, but you wouldn’t necessarily have the same reaction if you saw them in public,” says Dandridge director Martha Coolidge. “Halle is truly as lovely on-camera and off. She has a great chin, cheekbones, eyes—everything is just great, even her fingernails.”

And can this former model ever wear clothes. “Halle’s proportions are perfect,” says Shelley Komarov, who designed the costumes for Dandridge. “Basically it doesn’t matter what you put on her.” What becomes her most, though, is a newly acquired luster, the result of her marriage in January to R&B musician Eric Benét, 34. At their home in L.A. Berry also delights in being a stepmom to Benét’s 9-year-old daughter India, whose mother died after a car accident seven years ago.

Her new husband keeps the worry lines away from Berry’s face. “There’s a comfort level with him that I’ve never really experienced,” she told McCall‘s last fall. “I can just be myself….” The 5’6½” actress, whose three-year marriage to baseball player David Justice ended in 1997, relied on Benét for support when she was indicted last year on charges of leaving the scene of an automobile accident she’d been in near her home. She pleaded no contest and was put on probation for three years, fined $13,500 and required to put in 200 hours of community service. It was then that Berry discovered the importance of inner beauty. “Resolving it this way allows me to take some responsibility,” she told IN STYLE. “Now I can look at myself in the mirror.”

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