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Hall of Shame

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The Pepper Spray Cop

On Nov. 18 University of California, Davis police-force Lt. John Pike sparked outrage after casually spraying unarmed, peaceful students taking part in the school’s Occupy Movement protest. Photos of the attack went viral and led to Pike, a fellow officer and the UCD police chief being placed on leave.

John Galliano

Edgy couture made the British fashion designer a star. Anti-Semitic rants (he was caught on video shouting, “I love Hitler”) turned him into a pariah. Fired by Dior, he was later found guilty of hate crimes by a French tribunal.

Lindsay Lohan

• Convicted in June of theft after stealing a gold necklace, Lohan, 25, served just 35 days on house arrest. By October she was in trouble again, this time for violating probation, and was slapped with 53 days of janitorial duty at the L.A. County morgue.

Gerard Depardieu

When told he’d have to wait to use the toilet aboard an Air France flight from Paris to Dublin Aug. 16, Depardieu, 62, decided to just relieve himself in the middle of the cabin. The French actor later cited “prostate problems” as the reason for the mishap.

Hank Williams Jr.

• The country star said President Obama’s June golf game with House Speaker John Boehner was like a match between Hitler and the Prime Minister of Israel. Three days later Monday Night Football yanked Williams’s “Are You Ready for Some Football?” (its theme song of 22 years) from the broadcast. He later apologized.