People Staff
December 27, 2010 12:00 PM

Mel Gibson

A series of leaked phone conversations highlighting the actor’s vicious, hate-filled verbal attacks on ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva exposed one of the nastiest breakups in Hollywood. She accused him of physical abuse. He admitted to slapping her “with an open hand,” when, he said, she shook their baby Lucia. He also accused her of extortion. The custody agreement over their daughter is still being worked out in court.

Smoking Toddler

At age 2, Ardi Rizal was smoking 40 cigarettes a day, but after pictures of the Indonesian tot puffing away sparked an uproar in May, a therapist helped him kick the habit.

Charlie Sheen

The Two and a Half Men star got off scot-free after cops found him drunk and reportedly naked in a trashed N.Y.C. hotel room with a porn star hiding in the bathroom. He was back to work a week later. Sheen said he just had a “bad night.”

Four Loko

The beverage dubbed “blackout in a can” due to its extreme combo of caffeine and alcohol was blamed for sending dozens of young people to the hospital.

Brett Favre

The NFL investigated the Minnesota Vikings quarterback for inappropriate voice mails and allegedly sending X-rated texts and photos to a N.Y. Jets hostess in 2008.

Bad Teen Mom

Amber Portwood, 20, temporarily lost custody of her daughter, Leah, 2, after she was charged with domestic violence for attacking her former fiance while filming MTV’s reality show.

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