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Greg Kinnear

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Producer Garry Marshall once called Greg Kinnear a “combination of Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Tom Sawyer.” The description applies not just to Kinnear’s persona but to his sartorial spin on the classics. The 5’10” actor has carved out a niche that’s “not too groovy and not too slobby,” observes Barneys window dresser Simon Doonan. “He looks comfortable—like he’s not trying too hard,” says designer Amsale. Because his father, Edward, was a State Department official, Kinnear, 35, grew up in Beirut and Athens, where, he told INSTYLE, “you didn’t have access to cool clothes or cool cars. Nobody was attempting to outdo anybody.” Not until he hit the University of Arizona did he wake up to fashion—and then he made up for lost time. Now, when the As Good as It Gets star is looking good, says model Emme, well, it doesn’t get any better. “He’s so cute!” she exclaims. “He’s got style, style, style all over the place!”