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Green and Bear It

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YOU COULDN’T GET MUCH MORE POLITICALLY CORRECT THAN THE seventh annual Environmental Media Awards in Los Angeles on Nov. 2. Celebs and 1,000 guests sat on picnic blankets made of recycled polyester and feasted on a “red meat free” menu of veggie burgers and fish tacos. Some even took the 99°F heat as a call to arms. “This is proof of global warming right here,” said Olivia Newton-John, as she ran for shade with daughter Chloe, 11. “I’m sweltering.” Home Improvement‘s Patricia Richardson coped by clutching a battery-operated portable fan. “My daughter is trying to wrench it away from me! I’m like, ‘You can’t have it!’ ” Hugh Grant even blamed the weather for his tardy arrival. “I’ve been surfing all day, which I think is quite butch of me,” he said with a laugh.

The sundress-and-shirtsleeves clad crowd did chill out in time for the awards presentation. Hosted by Julia Louis-Dreyfus at Will Rogers State Park, the picnic-cum-carnival honored TV shows and feature films that promote environmental awareness (winners included The Simpsons, for an episode that encouraged recycling, and Chicago Hope, for one that explored population growth). “This is a nice, normal event,” said I Know What You Did Last Summer‘s Jennifer Love Hewitt. “That’s rare in Hollywood.” But only award winner Bill Nye (PBS’s The Science Guy) seemed oblivious to just how rare. “I’m an outsider,” said the Seattle resident. “I don’t even know what a ‘Hollywood type’ is!”