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Giorgio Armani: Fashion Designer 56

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Pronunciamentos from the Milanese maestro whose clothes are so coveted stores chain them to the racks: “A man’s stature must be elegant with a rather light bone structure. He should be tall, but not too tall. He should have a long neck and important hands and feet…. I don’t have any of those things I’ve told you. I am only 5’6½” tall. But it’s all right. Perhaps I have other things.” As to his taste in women, the palazzo-dwelling bachelor says, “I am more attracted by beautiful details—the mouth, the nose—than by the whole. Finding myself in front of a beauty can be frightening. A beautiful woman whom you love is always a danger for you. You are always afraid that someone will take her away from you.” His solution: “I much prefer a nonbeauty with a great personality.”