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Getting Ready for Baby with ... Jessica Alba

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8:30 a.m. Wake-up

The expectant mom is savoring her z’s while she can. “We’re lucky Honor [her 3-year-old daughter with husband Cash Warren] sleeps late,” says Alba, who welcomes her second child in late summer. Until then, “we get to rest.”

9 a.m. Morning Hike

“I take walks in the morning for 30 minutes,” says Alba. “I’ve made a concerted effort to be healthier than I was during my first pregnancy. Cash used to make bacon every morning, and inevitably I’d eat a few pieces. We were fat and happy!”

10 a.m. Brunch

“We let Honor pick a place if she doesn’t want Cash to make waffles or pancakes,” says Alba. “If she wants to go out, it’s Nate ‘n Al [a Beverly Hills deli]. She loves matzo ball soup for breakfast; it was one of her first solid foods, and she’s still obsessed!” But does Honor know she’ll be sharing her soup with a sibling one day? “She’s, like, ‘You have a baby in your tummy?’ and I say, ‘Yes,’ but it’ll be complicated,” Alba says.

12:30 p.m. Family Time

After a trip to the grocery store to stock up for a barbecue, the trio dive into their pool. “We go swimming and give Honor a little lunch. Then it’s nap time,” says Alba, who uses the kid-free time to catch up with her husband. No matter how big their family gets, “it’s important we make time to talk.”

2 p.m. Nesting

For her new nursery, Alba later turns her attention to refinishing a secondhand bookshelf she found on the Internet. “With Honor’s room, I sanded all her baseboards,” the DIY mom proudly declares. “I like old furniture. It’s charming. And I use stains and paints that are eco-friendly and safe. It’s quiet time for me.” Unless she enlists an assistant: “Cash is not crazy about it, but he’ll do it,” Alba says, laughing. “He’s been very agreeable since I’ve been pregnant.”

4 p.m. Dress Fitting

To her dismay, Alba has to try on gowns for a premiere. “I can’t think of anything else I would rather not be doing,” says Alba. “There’s no hiding the bump. A lot has to be worked on because they don’t make clothes for women with giant beer guts!”