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George Turns 50

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From Boy to (Sexiest) MAN

The Mullet

1985 | Here are the Facts of Life: Even George can’t pull off this do.

The Slickster

1987 | The Return to Horror High star gets a little scary with the gel.

The Mop Top

1989 | George (with pet pig Max) went floppy while on Roseanne.

The Rock of Ages

1990 | This man will become the epitome of suave. But not quite yet.

The Granola

1991 | While starring on the sitcom Baby Talk, the star went neo-hippie.

The 90210

1991 | Donna Martin graduates! Wait, he wasn’t even on that show …

Hail, Caesar!

1995 | Get me a sex symbol, stat! The E.R. haircut gets pulses racing.

The Early Frost

1998 | He lost a bet and bleached his hair but still looks Out of Sight.

The Shaggy Do

2001 | This scruffy look was a Perfect Storm of handsome.

The Salt n Pepa

2003 | Except for roles, Clooney has never tried to hide his silver locks.

The Full Connery

2009 | There’s nothing Up in the Air about this sophisticated gent.

The Hemingway

2011 | As Five-0 looms, the Oscar winner takes hot into a new era.