People Staff
May 06, 1996 12:00 PM

DOES THIS GUY LOOK FAMILIAR? THOSE SENSUOUS lips, those curfew-breaking eyes, the head-down, forgot-my-homework mug that makes you want to either mother him or smother him with kisses? To most men it doesn’t ring a bell, but many women recognize in ER‘s George Clooney everything they loved in their first boyfriend. (He’s even been known to make out in a convertible under the stars.) “George has a little-boy-lost quality that is so appealing,” says Ellen Crawford, who plays nurse Lydia Wright on the NBC megahit. With his first film success under his belt (From Dusk till Dawn), Clooney, 35, snagged the plum role of Batman, served up tidily in a three-picture deal worth as much as $28 million. He admits that “it’s scary” taking over the role of the Caped Crusader, but such fears don’t shake director Joel Schumacher’s faith. “George will be a wonderful but totally different Batman,” he says. “There will be more wit, more soul.” And, Schumacher adds devilishly, “wait till you see him in black rubber.” For now we’ll settle for the courtly bedside manner of Dr. Doug Ross. Why does he make us melt? Suggests former ER actor Rick Rossovich: “His puppy-dog eyes say, ‘Come over here and put your arms around me.’ ” Okay, we will. But just until our folks get home.

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